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Our Lasagna | Pretto's Pasta

Our Lasagna

Pretto’s Pasta lasagna is made using secrets only known to a select few – every Nonna (Italian grandmother). Like Nonna, we make a paper thin fresh egg pasta simply using whole egg and unbleached wheat flour. We use the same simple, high quality, local ingredients that Nonna used in her kitchen. Beef from VG Meats or Artisan Farms (Ontario), who source cattle raised by ethical small hold farmers without the use of hormone or antibiotics to increase weight and on a vegetarian diet. Our tomatoes are from Leamington, the Tomato capital of Canada. Butter, whole milk, heavy cream, mozzarella cheese, from Gay Lea, an Ontario Farmers’ Coop. Our only exception to “local” is the use of Italian Pecorino Romano Cheese, for which we have yet to find a local substitute. The result is lasagna with a clean label that adheres the Whole Foods and Goodness Me! ingredient policy (eg no GMOs).

Try any one of our delicious lasagnas and you’ll be glad you did. There are 7 traditional and not-so traditional varieties to choose from.

Traditional Lasagna Bolognese MORE

Vegetable Lasagna MORE

The Queen of All Lasagna MORE

Lasagna alla Vodka MORE

Butter Chicken Lasagna MORE

Mushroom Lasagna MORE

Seafood Lasagna MORE


“Thank you for making REAL food, with real ingredients that
our bodies will recognize as food and nourishment.”
        – Steph Evelyn