Pretto's Pasta lasagna has been lovingly crafted in Canada since 1966. Using traditional family recipes, quality ingredients, and specialized equipment, this delicate pasta is made with flour and egg and rolled paper-thin, the old-fashioned way. Made with all natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives.
A group of independent blind tasters voted Pretto's Lasagna to be their top pick among 2 other competitors lasagnas.
About Us

Simple recipes made with local high quality ingredients!

After emigrating from Italy, in 1966 Rose and Fred Pretto began crafting the Prettou2019s line of frozen pasta. Using traditional recipes, specialized equipment and quality ingredients, Prettou2019s was the first to introduce real Italian food to Canadian consumers.

Today Winonau2019s Harvest continues this traditionu2014making high quality Prettou2019s Pasta entrees including classic Italian style lasagna with thin layers of pasta made with eggs and flour. We use locally sourced u201crealu201d ingredientsu2014flour, eggs, whole milk, butter, cream, vegetables, crushed tomatoes, herbs and spices. And we do not add colouring or preservatives.

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